How to Clean a Bathroom from Top to Bottom!

Cleaning a bathroom is the most difficult part of the job, BUT, the cleanliness of the bathroom is going to be key factor in whether or not  you are going to get that repeat business.  People HATE to clean their bathrooms because they are unhealthy and if you can clean it for them they will gladly pay you multiple times a months for your time!

Steps to cleaning a bathroom:

  1. Spray down the tub and the toilet
  2. Ventilate the bathroom
  3. Scrub down the toilet first
  4. Scrub down the tub next
  5. Hands and knees on the floor
  6. Handle the mirrors
  7. Finish off with the sink

Did you see how we worked our way from the dirtiest and most unpleasant parts?  It’s because in every step of the way you don’t want dirt from another part of the cleaning to fall in to a place where you’ve already cleaned!

What would have happened if we cleaned the floor first?  The dirt from the toilet and the mirror and the hair from the sink would have fallen down after you’ve done all that cleaning.

Start from the top and then go to the bottom!  As long as you have the right tools and the best cleaning products that we’ve written about, you’ll get this done in no time!

Do you have any other cleaning tips that you’d like to add?  Please comment below because we’re always trying to improve!

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