3 Ways on How to Make a Good First Impression When Meeting Your Clients

The first meeting with your prospective clients is your opportunity to shine. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of making a great first impression. Studies have shown that how people first view you can be lasting and changing that impression can take a very long time. Here are three tips on how to make a good first impression which help you build a loyal client base who will keep coming back.

Arrive on Time – Being punctual demonstrates professionalism. Always be on time which means accounting for traffic and other unexpected situations. To be safe, leave early and if you end up arriving early, it’s ok to wait in your car or in the parking lot. If you are late in showing up, the potential client will wonder how well you will handle future appointments, whether you will even show up, or whether you will end earlier than what was agreed upon.

If an event that is beyond your control does come up and will require you to reschedule your appointment, contact your client as early as possible to inform them so as not to keep them waiting. If a rescheduling is required, make sure you can guarantee your availability in the new date and time you both agree on.

Dress Appropriately – Be presentable in your first meeting. Since you are representing your cleaning business, make sure to appear clean and organized so that you convey a consistent message. Doing so is also a sign of respect for your clients because you are showing that you put the effort. Check that your hands and nails are clean, your hair is combed or in a net, and your clothes properly tucked and irones.

Great Body Language – Be aware of your body language. When you first meet with your client, do these three thing: smile, make eye contact, and give a firm handshake. Stand upright and adopt an open posture which means not crossing your arms or legs. Be enthusiastic and energetic otherwise your client may mistake your nervousness as being disinterested or bored. Remember, your client is opening the doors to their homes to let you in. Be friendly to make them feel that you are somebody they can entrust their homes to.

Keep these three tips in mind on how to make a good first impression and you will set yourself apart from other cleaning business services. Making this great first impression will pay dividends for your business in the long run!

Do you have any success or horror stories of first impressions?  Comment below and share with the group!

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