6 Ways to Post a Job for Free

Now that you have crafted and written your job advertisement, the next thing to do is to post a  job.  Where do you begin and what channels will have the biggest chance of getting you the cleaning employees you are looking for?

Commercial Job Boards

While commercial job boards such as Monster.com and Careerbuilder have extensive reach, I find that most applicants are unqualified except for the occasional great applicant. These job boards are very popular and attract almost all online job searchers.

I suggest posting on more specialized job boards such as Care.com. These specialized sites target specific employee skillsets and expertise so that helps filter out candidates and unqualified resumes, making it easier for you. Perhaps the only exception I will make on job boards is a site like Craigslist because the site is quite active and you can see more recent postings easily, in addition to the service being free.

Job Search Engines

There are many job search engines out there. The more popular ones are Indeed.com and SimplyHired.com The good thing about these sites is that for a fee, you can have your job listings stand out.

  • Indeed.com searches thousands of websites that employers use for recruiting. So you can post on only one site, i.e. your website, and the job searchers will easily find your posting. This way, your cleaning business does not have to post on multiple sites and monitor each site. You also do not have to pay to post jobs as you will with commercial job boards.
  • SimplyHired.com also offers free listings with a pay-per-click option to make your job posting stand out by moving it to the top. Like Indeed.com, only when a job searcher clicks on a job you posted and taken to your job site do you pay for the service.

Social Media

With the rise in social media, I definitely recommend using LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter as a way to post a job and to reach potential job searchers for your cleaning business. You can use social media in two ways:

  • First, these sites have interest groups and discussion boards that you can read about, join, and promote your job postings. For example, join a Cleaning Business Owners fan page. Or participate in the forums for the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International (ARCSI) on LinkedIn.
  • Second, you can post your job ads on your LinkedIn company page, your Facebook page, or your Twitter handle. Even if the people who follow you are not job candidates themselves, they may know people who are looking for cleaning jobs and give you valuable referrals.

Company or Organization Website

Your website is a great asset and you should definitely use it for recruiting. Place the job ads prominently on your home page. This way, candidates who apply are familiar with your company’s vision and goals and therefore you attract the right candidates. This is definitely a free way to post a job.

Another benefit of posting your job ads on your website is that these jobs will be featured on job search engines such as the ones I mentioned above.


A regular size coupon bond paper   (8.5” x 11”) distributed to your certain neighborhoods or in trade show booths can still be effective. Your job posting is a one page ad. As in any ad, make sure to have great content and show potential job hunters why they should come apply to work in your cleaning business. When people take your flyers, encourage them to share it with their friends and network.

Employee referral

Having your employees refer family and friends is one of the best ways to recruit. To be successful with this approach, offer incentives to your employees so that they will be willing and excited to recommend names of people they believe will be a good fit for your business. Giving bonuses or cash prizes for successful referrals can generate excitement. This is not exactly a way to post a job, but it’s a great way to get applicants you like.

Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Ask your employees to watch out for potential candidates that they can send your way. Once you know you can trust a certain employee, then go ahead and ask that person. Have forms handy to make it easy for them to make referrals.

A Final Note

There you have it! Six effective ways to post a job. Most cleaning businesses hire employees as it grows bigger. Hiring staff is one great sign that your company is doing well. However, in many cases, there can be relatively frequent employee turnover. The more thought and preparation you put into advertising for employees, the greater your chances of retaining a loyal and productive staff.

Comment below if you have any extra tips!

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