Best Steam Mop for the Dirtiest Floors

The neighborhoods I clean have homes that are usually “green built certified” and because of this, using a steam mop is important to my business. Steam mops are changing the way people wash floors. It used to be that the common choice was the wet swiffer-style mop. However, now the best steam mops can do a better cleaning in the same amount of time. The upside is that the best steam mops give you convenience, performance, and cleanliness. The downside is that steam mops are more expensive than non-electric mops.

If you want to be able to clean an area with less time than a regular floor mop and bucket, then a steam mop is for you. Always remember to wear shoes when using an electric steam mop. Make sure the unit is not plugged in when stored and do not put any detergents in the water tank. The tanks are designed to be used with water only.

If you think a steam mop is for you, check out the best steam mops out there to help in your decision-making process.

Hoover TwinTank Disinfecting Steam Mop

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Hoover Twintank Steam Mop

Editor’s ChoiceBest Steam Mop

The Hoover TwinTank model gives you the ability to clean with steam alone or add Hoover’s disinfectant solution. I find this useful because steam alone cannot eliminate all harmful bacteria without long exposure time. When used with the solution, the combination becomes even more powerful in killing bacteria.


  • Two part water and solution combination is very effective
  • Steamer comes with docking station and multiple mop heads
  • Lightweight but very sturdy


  • Actual mop is on the bigger and heavier side
  • Need to keep pressing a button to get continuous steam
  • Don’t work as well on laminate floor as it does on tiles

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Bissell Steam Mop Hard-Floor Cleaner, Green Tea

best steam mop bissell green tea Best Steam Mop for the Dirtiest Floors

Bissell Steam Mop

The Steam Mop’s swiveling head is great because it allows you to reach nooks and crannies. The profile is also very compact making it easy to store in small spaces.


  • No chemicals no solutions needed. Suggest you use distilled water for best results
  • Great for ceramic tiles and bamboo floor as water dries quickly
  • Very quiet which lets you clean while the small children sleep


  • Not as great for wooden floors
  • Mop does not pick up dirty water so need to use a towel to dry the floor
  • Cord is a bit short but can remedy with an extension cord

Check out the Bissell Steam Mop prices on Amazon here.

Oreck Steam-It

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Oreck Steam It Steam Mop

This Oreck steam-it model uses low pressure range to remove dirt and grime. It is relatively easy, safe and cost effective. There is no need to use any chemicals or detergents. The physical appearance looks like a vacuum.


  • Big reservoir lets you clean 3 rooms and a kitchen easily
  • Control knob makes it easy to process correct amount of steam for each surface
  • Very good for hardwood and porcelain tile floors


  • Heavier unit which makes it hard to push
  • Steamer has tendency to shoot out a bit more water than necessary
  • Placement of handles make it necessary to use upside down so you won’t be able to clean windows

Check out Oreck Steam-It on Amazon here. Best Steam Mop for the Dirtiest Floors


Eureka Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer

best steam mop eureka 224x300 Best Steam Mop for the Dirtiest Floors

Eureka Steam Mop

This Eureka floor steamer is used to clean sealed hard floors, tile, marble, and others. The package will include two machine washable magic clothes, a funnel, and a measuring cup. The manufacturer says that you can use tap water with this steamer but I personally would not recommend it. Best to use distilled water.


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Pads are thick and can clean larger area than regular Swiffer products
  • Use on/off switch with your foot and unit can stand by itself


  • Only 15 minutes of steam available per fill up
  • Head is a bit big making it hard to reach bottom of cabinets and furniture
  • Swivel head has limited movement making it harder to turn sideways for narrow areas

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Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop

best steam mop shark professional Best Steam Mop for the Dirtiest Floors

Shark Professional Steam Mop

This steam mop from Shark is great for deep cleaning and sanitizing hard floor surfaces. It has what is called Intelligent Steam Control which enables you to have continuous steam delivery and 3 settings of variable steam depending on your needs.


  • Water tank is large so you can clean a few rooms without needing to refill.
  • Mop covers are easy to put on and take off. The head is big and even if it flips over, you can use the other side
  • Easy to assemble


  • Note the instructions that comes with the unit: Do not use on unsealed wood or unglazed ceramic floors
  • Handle is a little short so you can only do a certain spot one at a time
  • Unit cannot stand on its own

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The review of the best steam mops are here.  Please comment if you’ve had a better experience with a different mop!

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