Business Name Ideas for Your Cleaning Service

What’s in a business name? Why everything!

What’s in a business name? Why everything!

Choosing the right name for your business can be a stressful experience. Here are some business name ideas for your start up! You will want a business name that will draw business in itself, will embody your company’s values, and will last for a long time.  The name should convey what’s unique about your business and relay that to your clients. There are a few sites out there that has more info such as the U.S. Small Business Association website.

What’s in a name?

To start, think of what you want your business name to communicate. The more your name communicates your business services to your clients, the less you need to explain it. Since you are a small business, your name should give clues about the services you offer. This is why a lot of cleaning business have the word “cleaners” in their name or why many landscaping business have the word “landscaping” in theirs. Use real words over made up words because people naturally gravitate towards words they can relate to. Stay away from cute puns. At the same time, the real words you use should be easy to spell so that your clients will remember it easily.

Evoke a positive image

Second, a great business name has to have positive connotation. Choose a familiar name that brings up pleasant memories so that it touches potential clients on an emotional level. For example, consider the difference between

“Grandmother’s Cookies” vs “Mom’s Cookies” or “William’s Janitorial Services” to “Bill’s Janitorial Services”. As you select these names, make sure the connotations are suitable for your business. As a cleaning business, you want the name to convey cleanliness, reliability, and professionalism. A name such as “Crystal Cleaners” conveys just that kind of image.

True colors

Third, think about the colors that you want your name to be associated with. This is important for your business logo and promotional materials. Colors have emotional associations which is why, for example, a lot of restaurants tend to use the color red. A great color for a cleaning business is green because green connotes nature and growth.

Make a shortlist!

Think of 3 – 5 business names and once you have this shortlist, evaluate each again based on the above criteria. Select one that you will be comfortable with. Once you have done this, a few final steps is to claim a website address or URL. Your website address should use keywords that reflect your business. To check availability, you can visit web services by clicking here (recommended and used by Cleaning Business Now), the WHOIS database, or do a simple web search to see if somebody else has already claimed that name. Once you manage to do this, establish your social media identity by creating a page on social media sites Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. After you have gotten a certain number of fans or likes, you will be able to claim a custom URL which should be your business name. For example,

Once you claim your social media identity. Go ahead and get listed on online local directories such as Yelp and Angie’s List so that your business can be more easily found. There you have it, some business name ideas to get you started. Now you are ready to register your business name!

What’s the best business name you’ve ever heard of? Post the best names below and let’s battle it out!

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