How To Clean Blinds Without Losing Your Mind

Cleaning blinds would be a breeze, if only you could train your cat to do just that! So what do you do if you don’t want to use some serious elbow grease when cleaning the blinds? Learn how to clean blinds in these super easy steps.

Since the blinds cover you clients’ windows, it catches all the dust that the wind carries. Dust and minute debris collect on it, and sometimes they become grimy. My clients would not want to have visitors coming into their house and seeing dirty blinds would they?

The Blind Spot! Pitfalls of How to Clean Blinds

Alright, so the blinds in the house are the thin, metal ones that are easily broken. Wrap a thin towel, cloth or an old sock around the end of a ruler and slip it between the blinds. You can also use a feather duster (the ones sold on TV or online that has static would be best).

Let’s say you are pressed for time because of the many cleaning tasks on hand, grab your vacuum! Use the duster attachment and start vacuuming the blinds. If it’s not enough, sponge them. Run a damp sponge (while it’s closed) using a cleaning solution or you could use vinegar and water. Another thing some housewives do is putting rubber gloves on their hands, and just running their fingers on the blades one at a time. This way both sides are cleaned at the same time.

Getting down to business, if you have time though, you can always take down those blinds for a bit and hang them in the shower and spray it with water; then wipe it with a towel until it’s dry. Instead of spraying it with water in the shower, spray compressed air on it, and you’ll see all the dust flying away in the same way it flew on it! Cool, right?

Blind-ly With Time

There are times when you have a lot to do, and you forego with your routine. It was two weeks ago that you had last cleaned those window blinds; don’t think about suggesting your clients to throw them away! There are still ways of cleaning them without putting in some serious hard work.

Bring those down to the garden, or your garage – anywhere you can get crazy with the hose! Or you can let them soak in the tub; with warm water, soapy and bubbly just like you take yours. Besides, the blinds work as hard as you do. Once you’ve given the blinds a good bath, dry them off carefully.

It’s not just the blinds that need cleaning; you’ll need to clean the ropes that hold them. Wash them too, as you wash the blinds. Now if you’re in a hurry, white shoe polish will give you a fast fix.

Final Tip on How to Clean Blinds

A routine can save you a lot on how to clean blinds in the future, so keep a routine. The best friend that anyone who has blinds would be one of those dusters that suck in dust with static. You can buy one from, and it could prove to be a big help in your cleaning business routine.

Have any better tips on how to clean blinds? Comment below!

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