How to Clean Grout and Impress Your Clients

One of the toughest cleaning challenge I have at work is cleaning my clients’ shower. More often than not, their showers are showing signs of deterioration. My clients are disgusted at the grout but as a cleaner, I have successfully cleaned grout so many times that I know how to deal with it. Soon you will know how to clean grout. Needless to say, my clients often appreciate my calmness.

Grout is just a mix of sand, cement, and water, but the quickness with which it can repulse people is second to none. So without procrastinating any further, break out that cleaning bucket, bring some necessary cleaning materials, and an old rag, and let’s get this problem solved once and for all.

One of the most important steps in removing grout is to pretreat the area you are going to be cleaning. Treat the area with either vinegar, ammonia, or both. Follow your normal procedure in cleaning the tile, as this will remove the top layer of dirt and grime. This will make the harder work a little bit easier, as you will have less to work through. This will save you time and energy.

Now it’s time to get your Walter White on and he’d tell you how to clean grout by start mixing things together like as if you’re the greatest methamphetamine producer in the world, except, not quite. Get a bucket out and add in 6-8 cups of warm water. It doesn’t have to be absolutely scalding, but you want some zest with it. Then toss in half a cup of baking soda, and about a fourth of a cup of white vinegar. Give that solution some time for all of the components to dissolve and mix fully, so that the baking soda is dissolved.

Second step is to take the solution and pour it into a plastic spray bottle. Fill the bottle completely, and then shake the bottle well, just to ensure that everything is mixed properly. I always use a bottle because it allows me to control the amount I need. It will allow you to use however much you need in each spot, and allows you to better govern the direction, something that you can’t do with just pouring out of a bucket.

Third step is the less complicated part. Spray the grout onto the desired area. Let the solution do the work for you. Let it stand for three to five minutes. After that time has passed, start scrubbing. The best tools are the hard-bristled cleaning brushes or a toothbrush. Apply some force behind it, and get the grout out. There may some weird liquid discharge. Use a damp cloth to clean this up and wring the towel out in a different container.

Finally, do one final wipe-down. Looking back over you work, you should notice considerable improvement making your clients really happy with your service. If you prefer shelling out some money to buy a grout cleaner instead of this home-made solution, check out the best grout cleaners out there. And that’s how to clean grout.  

Now if you know a better way comment below!

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