How to Remove Oil Stains Without Spending on Dry Cleaning

Now that I’ve got your attention! Oil stains on clothes can be taxing if the clothes are dear to the person and the stain is especially stubborn. The difficulty of removing stains varies according to the type of oil – whether it is oil used for cooking, lubrication, or fuel. Of these types, fuel oil is the hardest to remove.

The processes and materials used in removing oil stains on clothes differ. For instance, cooking oil requires a different product and requires less effort than crude oil. The following list simple tips and tricks you can use to learn how to remove oil stains.

How to Remove Cooking Oil and Salad Oil

Any detergent can effectively remove this kind of oil stain. Shampoo and dishwashing detergent can be used in washing the stained area. To do this, simply wet the stained area and rub it with the available detergent. Using your hands or a brush, constantly rub the area until the stain is removed.

How to Remove Lubricating Oil

Baby oil is one good example of this. This kind of oil does not actually firmly cling to the clothes. At first, they are visible but will just fade and blend with the clothes after a few minutes. To remove the oil, just dip and soak the clothes in plain water.  Some types of lubricating oil have odor and are sticky. The good news is that clothes can just be easily cleaned using any detergent.

How to Remove Fuel Oil

This can be very sticky and odorous. The color can also be darker, which is really visible. Clearly, this kind of oil needs a good product in removing it. Normal detergent cannot remove the stain 100%. It can only fade the stain only.

The most effective way is to use a detergent, soap, or spray specially made for removing fuel oil. Examples for this are Cisco, WD-40, Gojo, Kuto, Lava, Lestoil, and Trisodium phosphate which you can get on Amazon. Always read the instructions before using any of these in order to keep your clothes and yourself safe.

Final thoughts

If you have sensitive skin, use a good pair of gloves. For fresh stains, immediately soak the stained area in plain or lukewarm water. You can rub any detergent in order to soften the stain. The longer the stain is on the clothing, the harder it is to remove.

Light oil stains on clothes can be removed using an alternative. You can soak the clothes in a mixture of water and vinegar, or pour the vinegar directly on the stain. Leave the solution for a night. The next day, you can wash it with detergent. Don’t worry! The vinegar odor will fade when the clothes dry. And that’s how to remove oil stains!

Finally, always check the attached small tag, usually at the inside of the back neckline of your clothes. There are instructions given to you on dos and don’ts. For instance, you cannot use a brush for silk fabric and you cannot rub it hard with you hands.

Do you have any better on how to remove oil stains?  Post below!

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