Identifying Potential Clients for Your Cleaning Business

You must be wondering who the potential clients are who would be interested in availing of your cleaning services. Let’s say your business is catered to homeowners and residences. There are two ways to list out your potential clients. The first list is based on demographics while the second list is based on specific cleaning needs.

In terms of demographics, there are many groups of people who would need help cleaning their homes. This is proof that there is a huge opportunity and market awaiting you if you own a cleaning business. Here is a list to get you started:

  • Single person finding a way to have more time to spend on a hobby or pursue interests
  • A working couple with children who want to spend more time with the family
  • Empty nesters or parents with children already in college and who moved to a different home
  • Senior citizens who needs assistance and unable to conduct rigorous activities

Beyond demographic profiles of potential clients, there are people who seek cleaning services everyday driven by specific needs or timing. Think about these situations:

  • People who want a thorough spring cleaning after the winter season
  • People who prefer starting the new year fresh and are looking to tidy up their homes
  • Individuals or families who are renters and are moving out of their homes. Part of moving out requires them to make sure their house is clean before returning the keys to the homeowner or condominium management
  • Home sellers who want to make their property look clean and organized before opening their homes to potential buyers
  • People who are organizing a big party or celebration in their homes and need help cleaning before and/or after the event.

The list is endless. As you can see, there is a big market out there for cleaning services depending on types of people or specific occasions. When looking for potential clients, conduct research and determine what types of clients you want to serve and develop an action plan to reach them. Visit prospective clients and hand out business cards or flyers. Start a direct-mail campaign and offer an introductory discount. If you use sustainable products or have special cleaning tools, highlight this and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Have you had success in getting clients? Please share your comments below!

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