Interview Questions to Ask to Get You the Best Employees

Finding the best candidate for a job opportunity may become tedious at times, but it does not have to be that way. Interviewing and evaluating candidates is the key to make sure that you get the best out of all the people who have answered your job advertisement. In this article I will help you determine the best interview questions to ask.

Getting To Know You

Interview the candidate using good, definite, and specific questions. Keep in mind that there are guidelines to streamlining your questions; bottom line though no discriminatory questions. Stay away from questions that touch on religion, nationality, visa status, orientation, etc. When evaluating candidates, it is imperative that you do this without bias. Your evaluation should be according to the candidate’s ability to do the job and thus, you need to know right interview questions to ask.

In the Cleaning Business industry, skills are most crucial. There are specific questions that unmask the skills and the level of the candidate in terms of these skills. There are only a handful of cleaning companies who has experience in human resource management. The owners usually use their ‘gut feel’ or instinct when they are interviewing and evaluating a potential employee. Here’s how we can help you.

Asking the Right Questions

First, start with questions about the candidate’s previous experience in the cleaning industry. Questions about skills and knowledge come next. “What cleaning materials and methods do you use to clean carpets and bathroom tiles?” Then self-evaluation questions: “If you were given three rooms to clean, how long will it take you to clean them?” These are examples. Depending on the type of cleaning service that your company provides, a streamlined set of questions will do best.

Let’s say your candidate passes the interview stage. The next step will be to get the candidate evaluated. Review the list of skills and qualities that you are looking for as listed on your checklist. A checklist would look like this: Number of years in the industry? Can you work long hours? Why did you leave your previous company? Etc.

Weighing the candidate against the checklist as you ask your questions will make evaluation easier for you. It also guarantees that you are evaluating all the candidates/applicants using the same criteria.

As you ask questions, tick or jot down the answers of the candidate on your checklist with his/her answers. This can now be called a “snapshot.” At the end of the day, it is time to do the deliberation. If the candidate is an eighty percent match to your checklist, then he/she is worth a try. If the candidate is a 100% match, then that is the candidate that you are looking for, a ‘dead fit’ candidate.

Making the Hiring Decision to Make Your Life Easier

Now that you know what goes on from the interview to evaluation, and your candidate was able to get a one hundred percent on your checklist – chances are this is the person worth keeping. If the candidate still does not feel right, then it probably isn’t.

Once you do extend an offer, make sure to also get references and conduct background checks. You don’t want to employ someone who steals from your clients’ homes. Have new employees also sign a loyalty contract promising not to steal your customers to start their own business.

In Conclusion

Finding employees for a cleaning business is not difficult since it requires skills that many people has. However, finding great employees is a different matter. You want to hire people who are passionate about what they do and bring the utmost professionalism and discipline. Using the right interview questions to ask and evaluating appropriately, you will increase your chances of hiring employees who represent your business and project the positive image you want.

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