How to Market Your Cleaning Business

You’ve registered your business and sorted out your financials. You got insured and have figured out the logistics. Now you need to find customers.  How do you start the ball rolling? Marketing, my dear chap! It is when you bring your business and sell the idea so your clients will buy it. It’s all about planning and acting upon that plan, and that’s how to market your business!

Let’s Go To The Market

A ‘market’ is a place of business – this is where people sell their goods. Start by drafting out a plan which considers the type of people you want to target. Getting people to notice you and avail of your services takes a lot of effort and money, therefore, having a solid ‘marketing strategy’ will keep you from losing a lot. This will ensure that you are within your target timeframe to be known by potential customers.

A marketing timeframe should include how you will be endorsing your services and how much you will be spending. You have to understand the customers and their location, your competition, and your money in the bank. Once you have thought of these, make a plan.

Act It Out

Start by creating an image. This is how your cleaning crew will look like and what customers will first think about when your business name comes to mind. Always smiling, neat, and clean clothing or a uniform with your business logo would do for a more professional look.

Have your business name and services in the yellow pages, or the local newspaper’s classified ads. A simple, three line ad will do; of course, with your contact number so people can call you.

Many people spend a lot of time on the Internet. Take advantage by using free advertisement postings on the online yellow pages. This is a simple way of marketing your cleaning business, and it’s free!

What’s ‘flyering’? It is a term used by advertisers who create and print on a small piece of paper – your business name, the services you offer, and your contact information. These small pieces of paper is distributed to people on the street, supermarkets, or stuck to the windshield of a parked car. It would be best to add a ‘tagline’ for your business to catch the attention of the customers.

Marketing Ads

Good advertisements are always a deal maker, and a sloppily made one is a deal breaker. You would want people to know your business and what it does. Making your product a household name; this is what every ad aims to do, and this is what you would want to do.

Be it billboards, flyers, TV, or print; it has to say the truth about your product. No sense in embellishing, but bank on the features and benefits that your services can offer. It has to be ‘catchy’ to attract the attention of customers.

Then What?

After all the ads, and hard work; your business will become a household name! It just takes patience, planning, and action to do it.

Now that you know how to market your business, what option will you take? Comment below!

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