How To Remove Ink Stains

Let’s say, you were in a hurry, and you put your ballpoint pen on the breast pocket of your shirt or inside your blouse pockets. You forget it is there until you get home and discover an enormous ink stain on the corner of the pocket! What do you do?

How to remove ink stains is a common question among my clients and housewives. Some people use bleach while others use cola. But do they really work? There are different kinds of ink: water based, permanent, and ballpoint ink. Water based ink are easier to remove than all the others, but permanent and ballpoint inks may prove to be a challenge if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here are some tips you can try.

Washable Markers and Water Color Markers Are Water Based Angels

The simpler, the better! When handed the stained clothing, just apply water to the area and blot the stain out with a damp cloth. As you dab, you will see that it magically transfers to your cleaning cloth. Keep repeating the process until the whole stain is as good as gone.

It’s easy and made more fun when kids are around to see for themselves. That way, they can do it on their own at school or at home.

 Permanent Does Not Mean Forever

Ink from permanent markers is a difficult stain to reckon with. So pull up your sleeves and explore these options to take them away or at least fade them.

First, use the rubbing alcohol from your supply toolkit since some types of ink are alcohol based. Set the fabric on a towel then wet the area with alcohol and carefully dab with a clean cloth. Some people like to use nail polish remover in the same way that they would use alcohol. Be gentle with the solution that you use though as it may damage the fabric.

If nail polish remover does not work, try using acetone. Remember that this is your last resort as it can damage fabrics; you wouldn’t want your or someone else’s favorite shirt or blouse to be gone forever. Never use acetone on rayon and acetate fabrics.

Ballpoints Always Have A Point

Going back to the ballpoint pen that was in the shirt pocket, what do we do? Throw it out and buy a new one? Nah, let’s try saving it first.

This type of stain is pretty tricky. We put the fabric on top of a clean towel then try all the solutions that we have talked about one by one. Alcohol always goes first. This type of ink usually responds to it, but if it doesn’t, your nail polish remover should do the trick. Let’s say the stain is so stubborn that alcohol and nail polish remover do not work. Then acetone, as a last resort can be used. And that’s how to remove ink stains easy as pie!

Final Tips

After all these remedies had been used, the stain may have been long gone! Just remember a few pointers when removing stains: 1) Always put a clean towel underneath the cloth, 2) Never mix all the solutions together, 3) Make sure you test the solution on a hidden fold of the fabric before using it on the stain to avoid any damage to the cloth, and 4) If all else fails, you can always purchase an ink stain remover from Amazon. Here are our reviews for the best ones out there.

Do you have any tips or tricks on how to remove ink stains?  Comment below or forever hold your peace!

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