Writing a Job Description for Your Business

Once you decide that hiring staff is the logical next step to growing your business, it’s time to create advertisements that will get you the right people for the job. But how do you attract the right person for the opportunity? Writing a job description is easy if you know what to do!

Weaving words that could catch the attention of the person that you are looking for is a talent that can be learned. How do you create an advertisement with the right words to capture the attention of the right person?

Sell All To Be Bought!

Create your advertisement. Be creative in making the title of your job posting. “Steaming, Hot, Java Developer” works well if you are after great developers. But for a cleaning business, “Lightning McClean” will work better in getting you the best cleaning personnel who are adept at all-around tasks. After deciding on a title, it is time to compose your content.

The content needs to be as attractive as your title; it has to be direct to the point. Careful wording yet targeted to the right individual.  List main responsibilities as well as wages, hours, location, and status (full time, part time, or temporary). Keep in mind that the best people for the job are those who are currently doing the same job, so better make good on your content. “We want you! Hardworking, smart, and can work long hours. Be one of us!”

It is necessary to set the specific skills that you are looking for, however, the way you deliver it should not in any way sound discriminating to those who lack one or two of your requirements.  Remember when writing a job description that you cannot discriminate on grounds of race, gender, marital status, religion, sexual orientation, or age. Focus on the job knowledge, skills, and qualifications.

If you are comfortable, I suggest you include a salary range. Don’t worry, you can vary the final salary offer depending on suitability and qualifications. Finally, provide information on how to apply and include contact details and closing date. Make it easy for the applicants to reach you!

Build up your company’s image without overdoing it to the point of misinformation. Take advantage and highlight the benefits that a potential employee can look forward to. Include a feedback from previous clients and make your potential employee “want” to join your company.

Now Put Everything In

“Title: Lightning McClean. A self-managing  cleaning professional who can do the job in no time at all. We want you! Everyone in our company enjoys a relaxed working environment and great compensation. This ensures that everyone is happy while working. Enjoy insurance benefits for you and your family. Wait, there’s more! Our company encourages continued education and certification for  employee enrichment.”

The next time you create an advertisement for the right employee, this type of example works. Wordings are the key to writing a job description. Keep it attractive and direct to the point. Always keep in mind: Sell the job, sell the company, and make sure the right person buys it!

Comment below to tell us about your tips and tricks as well!

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